Code of Ethics

The Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association (AALHA) Code of Ethics is a statement of the common values and standards of this Association. It is to guide us in the decisions we make as businesses and individuals and to assist us with our responsibilities to the assisted living homes industry, our residents or customers, employees and the community.

AALHA’s Mission

The mission of the Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association is to support, educate and promote its members, and to be an information source for members and the public at large.

AALHA’s Core Values

We, as members of AALHA:

  • Have established our businesses on a foundation of common high-quality, principled and ethical standards

  • Work in harmony with the community, promoting our goal of quality of life for all

  • Work to protect quality of life and care for our aging population

  • Recognize the interdependence of all aspects of the aging community

  • Understand that our homes are the foundation of the assisted living homes industry

  • Support the human right to knowledge and choice in the marketplace

  • Recognize the need for assisted living homes and industry suppliers to be economically viable

AALHA’s Code of Ethics

As members of the Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association, we have a responsibility to our industry, our customers, the community and our Association. We commit to:

  • Maintain the highest standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in all business activity

  • Actively promote and encourage the highest level of integrity within the assisted living home industry

  • Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other Association members and work with them toward the advancement of the assisted living home industry and AALHA

  • Be fair to and respectful of employer(s),employees,associates, competitors, customers, regulatory bodies,the public, and all business or professional relationships

  • Adhere to honesty in advertising and in all representations to the public concerning our businesses, AALHA, and the assisted living home industry overall

  • Commit to the development and use of the highest standards and practices in our assisted living homesandaffiliatedbusinesses

  • Observe all neighborhood, city, county, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining totheassistedliving home industry

  • Represent AALHA, its positions, policies and members without rancor. Support the Association, and the industry, by participation, by helping to advance Association goals and objectives and contributing to effective change.

All AALHA members must agree to the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is hereby incorporated and made a part of the membership application and a signed copy of such must be on file for each member. Current members in good standing will agree to this Code of Ethics with their renewal application. A copy of this document may be found at